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  • 5 Gallon 2017

    The Seraphin® Series E test measure is manufactured of type 300 stainless steel. It is available in any capacity from 5 liters (1 US Gallon) to 40 liters (10 US Gallons). Typical sizes are listed in the specification sheet, however custom capacities are available. Seraphin® no longer manufactures terneplate test measures (see news and events). Our hand held measures provide a true standard of comparison for verifying the metered output of liquid dispensing equipment. They are ideally suited for fuel dispensing and other precision liquid metering applications.

    A Seraphin® test measure is easy to use, reliable, low cost way to measure the output accuracy of liquid metering equipment. They are built and calibrated to the latest OIML R-120, API and NIST handbook 105-3 standards. Seraphin's® test measures have served as the filed standard used by most Weights and Measures authorities since 1915.

  • Test Measure for DEF

    Beginning in January 2010, diesel exhaust fluid will be required for the exhaust systems on most new diesel trucks, which will utilize selective catalytic reduction as an emissions control technology. DEF is urea-based mixture which is specially formulated for use in the new emissions systems.

  • VRTM Short Funnel

    The VRTM®System consists of Special Prover (EESS0020L-VRTM) and Special Funnel (E810030-VRSF) that must be used together to meet Canadian requirements.

    Measurement Canada Recognized Retail Fuel Dispenser Test Equipment
    The following listed equipment have been evaluated by Measurement Canada for accuracy performance when used to perform inspection of gasoline or diesel retail fuel dispensers. The evaluation of the equipment includes repeatability, linearity and stability. Equipment other than closed loop equipment have been evaluated for effects due to vapor loss when used on gasoline.

    Model : EESS0020L-VRTM 20L Vapor Retention Test Measure used in combination with E810030-VRSF Vapor Retention Short Funnel S/S or E80490-VRLF Vapor Retention Long Funnel S/S

  • Replacement Gauge Glass Tubes and Repair Kits - Dual Test Measure Cart
  • E80181