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Seraphin® has many accessories designed for specific applications:

  • Stainless Steel "top loading-submerged fill" pipe passes through the upper cone and extends to the bottom cone, reducing foaming while filling, ideal when working with diesel products
  • Stainless Steel hinged locking cover for top of neck to prevent contamination or damage during transportation. The cover is extended to protect the Gauge Glass from accidental breakage and can be secured with a lock for safety. Necessary if you’re going to make your prover mobile.
  • A vapor recovery package consists of vapor recovery piping from the upper portion of the neck and a protective pressure/vacuum vent cover. Required in some terminal applications.
  • Optical overflow sensors that prevent product from accidentally spilling. Needed in some terminals.
  • A bottom loading fill with an API coupling for products that require an adaptor to mate with a loading arm.
  • A coupling for Aviation Fuel Bottom fill pipe equipped with Dry Break Valve and 2 1/2" ANPT Female by 2 1/2" bayonet flange. This is used for aviation fueling applications.
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